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RF & digi-MOD

Why does the screen display a Pink screen after installing my digi-MOD HD?

Why can I see a 'colour bar' pattern on my screen after installing my digi-MOD HD ?

Why does the TV not receive the signal after changing my digi-MOD HD from MPEG2 to MPEG4/AVC?

What is wrong if the TV's are not tuning to the modulator?

Why do my some of my FTA channels disappear after connecting my digi-MOD?

Can I connect a digi-MOD to an existing MATV system?

Can I rack mount my digi-MOD RL-DM4000?

Can I connect my new digi-MOD to an existing resi-linx analogue system?

How do I fix the digi-MOD picture if it occasionally freezes or pixelates, but the Free to Air channels are okay?

What is the maximum cable distance for IR over coax using the RL-RF380?

How much gain is there on the RL-RF380?

Why is there is no IR signal from the digi-MOD IR emitter ports when connected to an RL-RF380?

Why is the power LED on my RL-RF210 not illuminating?

What do I do if the RL-RF145 power light is on but there is no modulation output?

Can I use more than one digi-MOD in an installation?

Do the RL-DM1102 or HD-1600 have fan noise?

What resolution can digi-MOD HD Modulators handle?