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RF & digi-MOD

Why does the screen display a Pink screen after installing my digi-MOD HD?

Why can I see a 'colour bar' pattern on my screen after installing my digi-MOD HD ?

Why does the TV not receive the signal after changing my digi-MOD HD from MPEG2 to MPEG4/AVC?

What is wrong if the TV's are not tuning to the modulator?

Why do my some of my FTA channels disappear after connecting my digi-MOD?

Can I connect a digi-MOD to an existing MATV system?

Can I rack mount my digi-MOD RL-DM4000?

Can I connect my new digi-MOD to an existing resi-linx analogue system?

How do I fix the digi-MOD picture if it occasionally freezes or pixelates, but the Free to Air channels are okay?

What is the maximum cable distance for IR over coax using the RL-RF380?

How much gain is there on the RL-RF380?

Why is there is no IR signal from the digi-MOD IR emitter ports when connected to an RL-RF380?

Why is the power LED on my RL-RF210 not illuminating?

What do I do if the RL-RF145 power light is on but there is no modulation output?

Can I use more than one digi-MOD in an installation?

Do the RL-DM1102 or HD-1600 have fan noise?

What resolution can digi-MOD HD Modulators handle?

IR Range

What is wrong if the IR LED on the IR target is on all the time?

Why does my AV Device not respond to remote target IR signals?

Why is there no IR LED light flashing when IR signal is pointed at it?

Can I use a RL-IR100KIT with FOXTEL IQ2 decoders?

How many devices can I control with an RL-IR100 kit?

What is the cable length of the IR target in the RL-IR100 kit?

How many targets can be used with an RL-IR170 hub?

Are the RL-RF210 and RL-BV500 targets interchangeable?

BV Range

How do I fix the picture colours if they are very dark when using a BL-BV2100, RL-BV240A, RL-BV140A?

Why is there no Blue or Red in the picture colour when using a RL-BV2100, RL-BV240A ?

Can I buy additional remotes for my RL-BV2100?

Why is there no video output from my BV100, but the audio is ok?


Why can't I Pair with my Bluetooth device?

How can I fix the No audio output from my speakers.

How do I know if my source device is paired to the Bluetooth receiver?


What are the cutout dimensions of the RL-AR100 in ceiling speakers.


What are your warranty terms?

What are the out of warranty repair charges?