RL-IR100 "Foxtel Approved" Infra-Red Repeater Kit

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The resi-linx® RL-IR100 is the only "Foxtel approved" IR repeater kit for all TV's, ideal in any DIY &/or custom installation, control A/V devices from a remote location - inc IQ2 & IQ3. All connections are plug & play, and the kit includes discrete Flat IR target, junction box, two double emitters & PS.


  • Plasma Friendly Hard Wired Infra-Red repeater kit for use in DIY &/or custom installation market to control an AV device at a remote location (up to 2.7m)
  • Foxtel Approved - works with all Foxtel and all other receivers
  • IR works with all receivers - including IQ2 & IQ3
  • Includes discrete Flat IR target, junction box, two double emitters & switch mode power supply
  • Blister packed for POS display
  • Built in LED to show acknowledgement of IR commands
  • Junction Box is compact and lightweight. All connections are plug & play, no requirements for cable stripping. Includes adhesive backing to facilitate placement of both target and emitters
  • Target rejects interference from both plasma displays &/or from direct sunlight and fluorescent tube lights for accurate IR signal reception
  • Length:  70mm
  • Width:  40mm
  • Height:  23mm
  • Power Input:  12V DC 500mA Switch Mode
  • Power Output:  12V DC - 500mA
  • Power Output Connection:  2.7m length with F-2.1mm minijack
  • Cable Requirement:  Nil - included
  • Cable Length Included:  2.7m
  • Max. Target Reception Distance:  Up to 10 metres