HD-1603 - Single Input HD Digital Modulator with HDMI Loop Through & IR Return Path

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The HD-1603 has been superseded by the Q4K-R1. Now with 4K loop-out!

Single input MPEG-4 DVB-T modulator with HDMI Loop through & IR return. This unit has full menu via LCD display, improved MER resulting in higher quality picture. The HD-1603 allows you to distribute any HD source around your home/business installation over coax cable and control with ease.


  • Most cost effective fully featured HD Modulator on the market
  • Single Input Digital Modulator encoding HDMI video and stereo audio signals to MPEG-4 only (H.264) DVB-T COFDM TV channels
  • Compatible input resolutions 576i / 720P / 1080i & 1080P for high definition picture quality (ensure TV tuner is MPEG4/H.264 compatible)
  • HDMI Input - with HDMI Loop Through for local connectivity
  • IR Return Path - compatible with resi-linx RL-RF380 (Video Hub) and RL-RF210 (IR Target)
  • Superior error rate (MER 39)
  • Full function front LCD display with menu driven configuration
  • New Zealand channel plan selectable
  • 2K/8K Carriers
  • Adjustment of settings available via WEB GUI

  • Remote management with a PC

  • Adjustable VHF / UHF Output (6-69)

  • 85dB launch with Adjustable Attenuation

  • Compact Design

  • Silent operation - NO FAN NOISE!
  • Width:  235mm
  • Height:  35mm
  • Weight:  .9kg
  • Depth:  145mm
  • Output Connection(s):  HDMI, RF
  • Input Connection(s):  HDMI
  • Loop Through Capability:  Yes
  • IR Capability:  Yes
  • Video Input:  HDMI
  • Power:  12V DC 1.5A Switch Mode
  • Output Channels:  6-69
  • Output Connector:  F type
  • Output Level:  85dBuV
  • Output Level Adjustment:  20 dB typ.
  • Number of Inputs:  1
  • Video Resolution:  up to 1080p